Golf and Sport Solutions
Will Custom Blend to Your Needs

We are a specialized golf, athletic, and equine material producer serving premier golf courses, athletic field facilities, and arenas throughout Colorado and surrounding states.

  • Rain Garden Media

    A rain garden (also known as porous landscape detention or PLD) is a shallow depression in the ground to help capture, detain, and filter stormwater runoff.

  • BioLite Intensive Green Roof Media

    This media typically has a depth that is fairly deep, usually 12 to 36 inches with saturated weight of 55 to 150 pounds per square foot.

  • BioLite Stormwater Filter Media

    BioLite Stormwater Filter Media will solve stormwater problems naturally, reducing harmful runoff during events where large amounts of water from rooftops of impervious surfaces inundate the stormwater system.


With just the right ratios of soil, sand and organics, G&S Solutions Drainage Medias are precisely formulated to give you the perfect filter medias. Whether custom blending a specific formulation or utilizing one of our many current mix designs, our filter medias are designed to provide maximum effectiveness in any specified application. Our guaranteed consistency provides our customers a quality they can count on and a product that will perform at each level within the drainage media.