Arena Mixes

Safe Way
Safe Way is our basic blend that is an economical way to change the structure as well as the integrity of the existing soil by reducing compaction and increasing drainage.

This specially blended product has been designed to produce excellent energy transfer with the least amount of displacement, making it an excellent choice for the Hunters and Jumpers. One of our most common heard complaints is “My sand arena reminds me of a beach!” Golf and Sport brings to you a solution. Blending Hi-Step with your existing material will not only sure-up your footing, it will help re-establish the quality of your entire arena.

Athletic Sand
The double-washed sand (freeing it of silts and clays) is an exceptional, consistent sand that can be used in both indoor and outdoor arenas. The angularity and particle distribution of this impressive product offers excellent cohesion and strength, with minimal displacement or rolling. Ask about our custom blends using Athletic Sand with a wide range of available synthetic materials.

Pro Athlete
The best of the best come together in this unique blend, ensuring the highest possible performance in arena footing. By adding synthetic textiles and fibers, along with rubber, our specialized footings have been taken to another level in stabilization. This increased stability gives both the rider and horse the confidence they need to perform at their highest level. These synthetic additions also increase water retention, reduce compaction in the arena, and increase the product’s overall life expectancy. This product is recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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