In The Bunker

G&S Solutions’ ProTour Bunker Sand
Our proven consistency in particle distribution creates the ideal Bunker Sand that grades exceptional in any accredited lab test we’ve encountered. With a penetrometer (fried egg lie) reading of greater than 2.8, golfers will be impressed at the playability of their ball out of the bunker and superintendents will be impressed with its percolation rate and ease of maintenance. It’s the ideal choice for greenside bunkers and areas where laying may be a concern. Our Bunker Sand is certified, coded, and stored in protected locations from product development to the day it enters your bunker.

White Bunker Sand
White Bunker Sand provides a glare free white color that will greatly enhance the prestige and visual appearance of your golf course. Brought to you through UNIPAR® , White Bunker Sand does not crust and therefore requires less maintenance. The angular and sub-angular particle shape holds on to steep bunker slopes and it meets USGA particle size requirements.

StaLok® Bunker Liner
StaLok® Bunker Liner is a natural, aggregate soil enhanced with polymer. The polymer binds the soil and protects it against the elements, protection that helps you get the most out of your sand in any environment. Now you can protect sand from beneath the surface. Compacting StaLok® Bunker Liner creates a firm, yet flexible seal eliminating contamination from base material. StaLok® Bunker Liner’s superior strength can withstand the use of mechanical bunker rakes and other maintenance vehicles. The soil’s strength is enhanced and equal to that of asphalt. Water actually rolls off the polymer coating, so no more pumping your bunkers after a storm. Installation is easy for protection that makes your sand last.


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