Other Products

Original Stabilizer® Solutions Organic Binder
Stabilizer® is an organic powder from crushed seed hulls, designed to swell and then bind with soil particles when activated by water. Stabilizer® greatly reduces dust, mud, and erosion and retains moisture for maintenance while preserving firmness when wet. During rain, the Stabilizer® is a buffer between soil particles, stopping those particles from becoming too muddy. During dry periods the Stabilizer® maintains moisture within the soil, keeping it firm, but preventing hardness. It can be used for pathways, infields, home plate, base paths and warning tracks.

Bridging Gravel Material
Pea Gravel: 3/8” Washed Pea Gravel
Golf Squeegee: 5/16” Golf Squeegee can be used for Bridging Gravel/Greens

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