Topdressing Sands

USGA ProTour
Our USGA ProTour Sand is precisely screened to create only the finest of topdressing sand within USGA specification. Our double-washed process creates an exceptionally clean material with zero gravel and zero silts/clays. You will notice the difference during topdressing applications as the sand distributes evenly as if it were kiln dried! Test results for our USGA ProTour Sand are available upon request and meet USGA or Architectural specification.

USGA Extra Fine Topdress Sand
Our extra fine topdress sand is screened to reduce the 2 mm-1mm sand particles and increase the .050mm size to give you the perfect balance of usable sand particles in your green turf canopy. Perfect for light, infrequent applications, this topdress sand will reduce mower blade damage and help create porosity when the greens tighten up over the hot summer months. USGA Extra Fine Topdress Sand is still double-washed to remove excess silts and clays and help provide an even topdressing application that is unmatched in the industry today.

Fairway Topdressing Sand
G&S Fairway Topdressing Sand is a byproduct of the USGA sand and is a high quality topdressing sand that produces a clean material, free of any excess silt and clay, it is designed for use on fairways and rough and is an ideal product for topdressing after aerification.

Athletic Sand
This double-washed sand (free of silt and clay) is a quality, consistent sand that can be used for sports fields that need coarser sand. The angularity and particle distribution of this high performance product offers excellent cohesion and strength, with minimal displacement or rolling. Ask about our custom blends using Athletic Sand with a wide range of available materials including compost and peat.

Our custom golf blend of 80% Fairway Grade Sand with 20% of class 2 organics compost is the ideal product for any Fairway or Tee Box topdressing. Our consistency and accuracy is second to none and our ability to blend high volumes insures that the material will be delivered on time, ready for application! Whether you’re modifying an existing native soil or adding organics to your turf program, this mix design will not disappoint! We can custom blend for any topdressing need!

USGA Sand with Dakota Peat
This premium USGA sand is mixed with either 90%, 80%, or 70% sand and 10%, 20%, or 30% Dakota Peat. The Dakota Peat is a highly concentrated organic material made mostly of decomposed plants. This material is a growth enhancer and stimulates germination and root growth that will stick and root. Combining peat with USGA sand and precisely mixing the two makes for more effective plant-feeding and water usage for the very best in root-zone sand blends.

Aerification Sand
Aerification Sand gives the perfect percentage of coarse sand to fine sand ratio to be utilized within the aerification process. Whether punching holes or verti-cutting, our engineered Aerification Sand distribution enters the canopy at nearly 100% of the applied rate and limits the amount of material left on the green to be mowed off. Double washed to reduce silts and clays, this sand distributes as evenly as any sand on the market today and will begin to increase porosity in your green canopy upon contact.

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